Logan Martin

World first : five whips for Logan Martin !

Quintuple tail whip, the Australian rider is ready for the mayonnaise!

It’s been a long way since 1988 and Joe Johnson‘s very first “tail whip air”. A BMX trick that existed only in flatland before. Yesterday, the Australian prodigy Logan Martin shocked the whole world with this clip where he replaces five whips in a row. A world first.
Already that they are only a handful in the world to be able to have entered the quadruple, there one is almost in science fiction. Five rounds of the frame around the guy. Imagine the strength in the arms and the speed of execution needed to accomplish this trick. Logan is good for a nice omelette with this kind of moves. The champion of the FISE and the X-Games had also managed a 360 triple whip to barspin that day, another hot trick! An additional challenge for the Australian athlete who proves to us that he is undeniably above the pack.


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