“Unstoppable”, the new movie dedicated to the surfer Bethany Hamilton

Surf icon Bethany Hamilton featured in a new movie : “Unstoppable”

For all surf lovers, Bethany Hamilton is undoubtedly a great source of inspiration. The one we have classified in our Top 10 Riders is indeed an extraordinary surfer who – despite of the loss of her left arm by a shark at the age of 13 and – has never gave up on her passion. Unstoppable… The Hawaiian – who finished 3rd at the 2016 Fiji Women’s Pro, is one of the best surfer in the world despite her disability, and a young woman determined who never runs out of new challenges. Riding the 15-meter high-wave mythical wave of Jaws is not a problem for Bethany Hamilton, who enjoy life to the fullest!

Already in the spotlight in 2011 in “Soul Surfer”, the rider of Hawaii has once again been the subject of a movie, the aptly-named ‘Unstoppable’, released on April 20th. Five years of filming were necessary to make this movie which traces the life of the 28-year-old surfer, a master in the art of Air Reverse, a blooming mom and accomplished athlete.

You rock Bethany!

Picture : Ed Sloane / AFP Getty Images


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