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The story behind the exploit of the Soul Flyers

A few months ago, Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet managed the impossible by enter in an airplane at about 200 km/h while flying in wingsuit.

The project “A Door In The Sky” consisted of entering this small plane by the side door but launching in base jump from a mountain peak at 4062 meters, the Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps.
Last December, we had a long interview with Fred Fugen who came back to this incredible feat where the Soul Flyers revealed the details behind the scenes. Following the 200 million views, Red Bull (the sponsor of the project) publishes a video that tells the whole story of this crazy moment with the preparation, the tests, the failures, the wounds and the final victory of the Souls Flyers.
A return on this impressive challenge where everything was played to the centimeter, leaving no room for chance. With a Swiss precision (it is the case to say it), everything was subtly coordinated by Yves Rossy, the famous Jetman and a regular of this kind of exploit.

Here is the behind the scenes of this crazy project.


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