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The best European destinations for dog sledding

Let yourself be guided by a dogsled and discover snowy and magical landscapes, whilst crossing the mountain valleys and forests.

A ride pulled by dogs is always a pleasant experience to live, whether in wide icy terrain or mountain roads. Suitable for families, this excursion will allow you to relax and gaze at spectacular scenery, while beautiful and friendly dogs will be pulling the sledge.
Mushing is a means of transport as old as the planet as it dates back to 6000 BC. Since then, it has developed and popularized in the first millennium around the world and mainly in cold countries.
The sled is always run by a professional musher (driver) who knows the area like the back of his hand and takes great care of animals, allowing you to enjoy your time in safe conditions. Depending on the weather conditions, the sled is usually pulled by 8 to 14 dogs, either Alaskan Huskies or Siberian Huskies. In general, the tour lasts from 10 to 40 minutes and is ideal for animals and nature lovers! Sliding on the fresh snow in snowy tracks or in an all-terrain kart, you’ll always feel the sensation of speed and adrenaline, and appreciate breathtaking views.
Canada, Alaska and Asia are among the best destinations to experience dog sledding. However, we decided to focus today on the European continent and present the most beautiful places to enjoy this amazing leisure activity.


Trapper’s trip in Ariège (Andorra)

chiens de traineau en AndorreLike a trapper, you’ll go in the heart of the Ariege Pyrenees, following the animals’ footprints. You’ll learn how to set traps just like how trappers used to hunt their preys. During this stay, you will leave your mark in the snow with a 2 to 3-hour snowshoeing hike, enjoying the magnificent white-covered landscapes. You’ll also enjoy an excursion paced by sled dogs that will take you to the most beautiful places. All of that surrounded by experimented guides who will be delighted to answer all your questions. After a day full of adventures with the dogs, you will spend the night in a charming caravan, with the possibility of sharing a warm dinner in a unique atmosphere!


Svalbard, Norway

aurore boreale The Northern lights have always held a certain amount of both magic and mystery. If you want to know everything about this spectacular natural display, your expert guide, Philipp Bergau, will tell you all of its secrets, along with his expertise with the local culture. Let the dog pull you into a beautiful polar night, going through deep valleys and majestic mountains. The Arctic silence can only be interrupted by the breathing of the dogs and the sled’s sound on the ice. The breathtaking northern lights in the sky will guide you through the dark and leave you speechless.


Ilulissat, Greenland

chiens de traineau groeland In this memorable journey, you’ll travel to the roots of the Inuit lifestyle and explore landscapes beyond your imagination. Dog sledding remains the perfect means of transportation for winter excursions in Arctic regions. You’ll have the chance to get involved with people that live the mushing life. This is, without a doubt, the best way to explore the snowy valleys, mountains, frozen lakes, and fjords around Ilulissat. This activity is not only about the ride, but also about learning about the art of mushing. You’ll learn a lot during the few hours you’ll share with them: how dogsleds are built, maintained and repaired, how to take care of the dogs… It will also give you the opportunity to visit the village of Oqaatsut, 20km north from Ilulissat, where 37 Inuits live all year round. You’ll go up the mountains and reach a series of viewpoints above Ilulissat, Disko Bay and the Ice Cap.


Akureyri, Iceland

Islande chiens de traineau Akureyri is located in the Northeastern region of Iceland, just below the polar circle. It’s the ideal place to live the unique feeling of being pulled by dogs while riding a sled! In winter you’ll experience the amazing phenomena known as midnight sun and the dancing Northern Lights that will catch your eyes. If you have ever wondered what Eskimos’ life is like, or want to experience sliding through snowy landscapes, you should try this dog sledding activity to discover the wonderful panoramas that Iceland has to offer!


Excursion in Sälen, Sweden

suede, chiens de traineauIn the small border town of Sälen, this Nordic picturesque village is renowned for its vast plains and mountain trails that extend from the border with Norway down to Mora. It will only take you a short drive from Sälsätern ski resort to reach the Vasaloppet. Bring Nordic tradition to life and learn how to lead your own dogsled! Venture into wild Swedish nature, with this mushing excursion in Sälen. Slide in silence through the country of winter wonders with your dog’s pack dragging you. You’ll be the musher of your own sled dogs’ team, and will be advised by professionals who gather centuries of arctic knowledge!


Dog sledding in Briançon, Hautes Alpes

briançon chiens de traineau Vallée de la Guisane starts at Col du Lautaret and ends in Briançon. It’s a typical Hautes-Alpes village and faces the Ecrins mountain range. One of the best things in the area is the weather with approx. 300 days of sunshine a year, as well as the beautiful snow-covered mountains! This journey is suitable for those who wish to relax in a healthy and beautiful environment while practicing an outdoor sport. You’ll spend this excursion in the stunning Vallée de la Clarée, which is a preserved site since 1992. Nature enthusiasts thriving for wildlife won’t be disappointed by these daily 4 to 5-hour hikes and the 400 to 500 metres of ascending elevation.


Huesca Province, Spain

Tena Valley Huesca chiens de traineau If you want to feel like an Eskimo, relax, and contemplate the beauty of the Tena Valley, then this experience is right for you! Discover the amazing feeling of being pulled by sweet and powerful husky dogs during a full day trip! It is an unconventional way of enjoying the snow that will give you a pretty unique experience. You will pass through forests, snowy paths, as well as frozen lakes! It is an attractive outdoor activity for both young children and adventure seekers.


Dog sledding in Oulu (Finland)

chiens de traineau finlande Enjoy the peaceful environment and let yourself be pulled by the dogs through the fairy landscapes around Oulu, Varjakka. Cheerful and friendly Siberian huskies are welcoming you at their kennel. Driving a dog sled is one of the best ways to be out door, whilst enjoying the beautiful winter scenery. As for the other excursions, this one includes instructions on the history of mushing and how to deal with Siberian Huskies. After the guided tour, you will have the opportunity to grab the leash and drive the dogsled alone!


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