Breaking news : Santa Claus is a rider !

A follower of action sports, this dear Santa also knows how to ride with a board, a bike and all that can provide thrills …

We knew that the old bearded man worked only one day a year, and even if we have to admit that he is doing a lot that day, far from us the idea of thinking that he is running smoothly all the time. rest of the year. No, Santa is not a lazzy boy, but he has to deal with the other 364 days and according to some videos that we managed to get, it could be that Santa Claus is also a follower of sensations extremes. Yes because we must face the facts, when Santa Claus does not burst with his reindeer on his sled, the rest of the time, he rides!
As a big fan of extreme sports, our dear gift man also knows how to manage kitesurfing, snowboarding, skiing, BMX, skateboarding, surfing or wingsuit … Here is the proof with a small selection of videos of Santa Claus in action.