Red Bull Valparaíso 2018

Red Bull Valparaíso 2018, Tomas Slavick wins

The Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo is one of the most important urban downhill events, this year marks its 16th anniversary.

Tight turns, long staircases and big jumps in the city of Valparaíso in Chile make this urban downhill competition a real challenge.  Sixteenth edition of this legendary and unusual event with the best mountain bikers in the world who runs in the streets of the Chilean city. 1.8 kilometers of descent where riders must sometimes pass through the houses by taking the stairs or roofs to move forward. And it is once more the Czech Tomas Slavik who won in front of Matt Walker and Matías Núñez during this 2018 edition.

Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage port city. It is located on the Chilean coast but is best known for its high-altitude funiculars and colorful houses that rise at the top of the cliffs. The ideal place to organize a competition of urban descent between these narrow streets, in front of a public in madness.

Here is Tomáš Slavik‘s run on board camera, the winner of the event in action:

Results :
1. Tomáš Slavik (CZE)
2. Matt Walker (NZL)
3. Matías Núñez (CHI)
4. Marcelo Gutiérrez (COL)
5. Johannes Fischbach (GER)


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