Polo De Le Rue: “Always believe in your dreams”

Did you know that Polo De Le Rue was one of our gurus? He answered some of our questions and speaks among other subjects of his other favorite sport. You’ll probably be surprised!

Former Snowboarder Cross champion and Olympic medalist in Turin in 2006, Paul-Henri aka Polo, is best known for his combative character. Mostly because he won the 4th place at the Sochi Games in 2014, just a month after being placed in an induced coma, following a heavy fall in the World cup. Just that.

Today we are proud to count him among our community of Adrenaline Hunters and for the occasion, he has opened up to us.

Interview Polo De le Rue

What are the main lessons you’ve learned from the athletic competition world?

The competition first taught me to always believe in your dreams and provide the means to live them. I want to continue to live from my passions. I love my native Pyrenees and I like to show people their most beautiful angle: in a steep corridor, between the trees, around a good table, in front of an open fire in a traditional house stones …

What are your main projects at the moment?

I am becoming an international speaker and team builder consultant in companies. As an athlete, I have never been the best technically and physically and yet I did incredible things. My thread is always to start from the emotion to arrive to individual or collective performance.

Aside from snowboarding, do you practice other extreme sports?

Right now, what I practice the most.. is the mushroom hunting. I love loosing myself for 6, 7, 8 hours in the woods near my home and be back with 15kg of chanterelles. This is my absolute pleasure!

Where would dream to travel?

I am so well at my house that it is very difficult for me to leave it! But if I had to choose, I would go for 1 month to Hawaii to surf and practice Hawaiian pirogue with my family.

Do you have any future plans related to sports?

Continue to discover new freeride tracks in my beloved Pyrenees!



Top Photo Credit: Chris Biron

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