Portrait: Maxime, backcountry skiing instructor

With Maxime Goby, you will be able to discover the immense potential of the 3 Vallées ski resort while freeriding!

Born in Perpignan in a beautiful village called Formiguères, Maxime has been skiing since he was 3 years old and snowboarding since 8. Aged 19, he enjoyed so much skiing that he moved to Val-Thorens in the 3 Valleys, and obtained his Instructor’s diploma.

Whilst he enjoys teaching skiing, his real passion is teaching freeriding.

Let’s discover a little bit more about this passionate, polyglot instructor with whom you will maybe enjoy freeriding next season!


What inspired you to become a ski instructor?

Thanks to a “school failure”. I was supposed to follow architecture studies but all universities have refused my application form.

Meanwhile, my parents gave me a taste of the mountain from a very young age, in the Pyrenees Orientales in Formiguères. I succeeded at the Alpine skiing Diploma tests, so I started teaching on the weekends and during holidays since my 17 years old.

Since then, I am a full-time instructor in Val-Thorens, and I love it!

What is your most significant souvenir in skiing?

The day I really understood what my dream was: when I went to Lapland for a freeride trip.

After succeeding at my Alpine Skiing Diploma in 2013, I wanted to celebrate this important moment by joining a Swedish friend (Pontus Lindahl Rosén) in the north of his country. I spent two unforgettable weeks climbing mountains after mountains. It was magical, the sun never goes down at this time of year. The snow was still cold and good.

What touched me the most is to understand that with skis, Man is in total freedom.


Do you have a favorite skiing spot?

I don’t have any favorite spot. I love being in the mountains wherever they are.

Asking me if I prefer a mountain to another is like asking a child if he prefers his father or his mother…

My next skiing spot will certainly be in South America .

Other passions than to ride in the powder?

I had a very active youth in terms of school activities! I practiced in clubs : skiing , judo, jujitsu , swimming, rugby, long distance shooting…

Then I tried various sports like skateboarding, SUP, wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing , kitesurfing. I’m a bit new to all these aquatic board sports but I like it!

More classic: I was part of a chess club, and I practiced music theory for 12 years and the guitar for 15 years!


If you had to describe yourself in 4 adjectives?

  • Passionate: Everything I do, I do it 200%. I enjoy doing it and I love sharing it.
  • Persevering: I consider my failures as experiences. Thanks to them, I want to go even further.
  • Rigorous: Mostly with myself. I like the work well done and I always try to do better.
  • Courageous: When I must commit, I do not hesitate long. I make decisions quickly.

Your favorite expression ?

I am a child of the world.

I often find myself anywhere on the planet, and I feel at home everywhere, with my friends.


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