Mont Rebei Gorge

The Top 5 Places in Spain to Go Kayaking

Taking a trip to Spain? Check out this article to discover the top 5 places in Spain to go kayaking. Paddle under bridges past stunning Spanish architecture, through turquoise waters surrounded by giant gorge walls, and more. From the Sella River to Mont Rebei gorge, be sure to read on for this kayaking gems.

Guadalquivir River

Guadalquivir River, Seville

The name Guadalquivir means “Great River” in Arabic. And what a great river it is! At 657 kilometres, Guadalquivir is the second-longest river flowing within Spanish borders.   

In Andalusia, the Guadalquivir runs through the city of Seville, and has historically been a major waterway for import and export of goods throughout Europe and to the Americas.

There are also several famous bridges crossing over the Guadalquivir, one of the oldest being the Roman bridge of Córdoba. Other bridges of interest include the Puente del Alamillo, Puente de Isabel II and Puente del Centenario. One of the best ways to see all of these amazing bridges is in fact, from below, as you paddle underneath them and see views not privy to anyone else.

Take this kayaking excursion in Seville, for example. This activity is perfect for families with children – 8 years of age and up are welcome! No experience is necessary, as the waters are calm and relaxing to paddle over. It’s an amazing opportunity to see all the beauty of Seville while experiencing a refreshing, fun ride down the river!

Sella River

Sella River, Picos-de-Europa

The Sella River is located in the northwest of Spain, and runs through the Picos-de-Europa National Park. It then reaches the Bay of Biscay, and finally empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Ribadesella. 

This gorgeous river also flows through Asturias, a stunning region of lakes, forests, Alpine mountain peaks and rocky coastlines. Asturias also boasts oodles of lovely Spanish villages set onto hillsides and along lakeshores!

Sightseeing by kayak is one of the best ways to see all of the beauty of nature up close and personal. That’s why nature-lovers come from all over Europe to kayak here. This river will take you on a special tour through the mountains not seen by car, foot or by air.

This adventure kayaking excursion on Sella River takes kayakers on a 4-hour ride down the river into Picos-de-Europa, and all throughout the beautiful Asturias.

These are relatively calm waters, with some super fun class II sections. The tour is suitable for beginners and even children as young as 8 years old. So grab a solo kayak, or pair up with a friend and get ready for a thrilling ride down the Sella!

Cabriel River

Cabriel River, Venta Del Moro

Next up on the list of top 5 places in Spain to go kayaking is The Cabriel River. This is a well-known spot for outdoor river sports such as canoeing, rafting, and of course, kayaking!

The nature surrounding the Cabriel River is quite special. In fact, it winds through several magnificent natural park reserves. These include the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park and Cueva de Los Ángeles

The whitewater here is known for being very fun. In the summertime, the Contreras dam is opened, and massive amounts of water pour into the river bed. This creates the turbulent rapids kayakers love.

Sections of the river here are considered grade II, so participants should be prepared to maneuver around obstacles and ride over waves- it’s the perfect river for those who want to get splashed!

As you paddle over the river, you will explore deep gorges, see Los Cuchillos de Contreras, and the Laguna del Marquesado lagoon! You will even get a chance to do a 7-meter cliff jump along the way.

These waters are considered to be the cleanest in all of Europe due to the increasing depopulation of the region. So what are you waiting for? Book your Cabriel River kayaking excursion and get ready for fun!

Cares River

Cares River, Panes

The Cares River in Northern Spain flows through the gorgeous regions of both Asturias and León and eventually crosses paths with the Deva River. These rivers form the Tina Mayor estuary and the natural border between Asturias and Cantabria . 

The river also flows through Picos-de-Europa National Park and runs right alongside a famous hiking trail called Ruta del Cares. This river is especially known for being home to plentiful salmon populations. 

Before the two beautiful Spanish waterways spill into the Atlantic Ocean, they whip up some pretty radical white waters on the way- precisely why this river is so well known for kayakers.

You can take this kayaking activity on the Cares River for example, for an exhilarating, guided kayak tour down the river. The waters alternate – some areas are calm and peaceful, and a great place to stop and swim. Other sections are more challenging and are considered grade III rapids. No matter what section you prefer, you are in for a joyful experience in nature.

Mont Rebei Gorge in Spain

Mont-Rebei Gorge, Catalonia

The last location on the list of the top 5 places to go kayaking in Spain is the Mont-Rebei gorge, Spain. Known to be spectacular. But to be fair, it isn’t exactly a river, but it’s still multiple kilometres long of gorge-ous turquoise waters. This Northeastern Spanish river-gorge is so beautiful it would be wrong to not include on this list.

Sitting between Aragon and Catalonia, the Mont-Rebei gorge crosses the Sierra de Montsec, a dazzling limestone mountain range. It also flows into Catalonia, and is just shy of the Pyrénées mountains. Witnessing the Spanish nature all around the gorge is one reason so many people flock here to kayak.

This jaw-dropping kayak adventure in the Mont-Rebei Gorge is over 14 kilometres long of pure natural wonder and will take you on a tour your whole family can enjoy.

You will begin your tour at Ànger, and paddle down the tranquil gorge waters. As you glide across the surface, you can gaze up in awe at the massive rock cliffs on either side. Along the way, you will also see several waterfalls and have time to jump into the water. You can, of course, also take photos to remember your adventure by!

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