8 Amazing Waterfalls to See Whilst Kayaking

Here’s a few amazing drops, able to be seen from your kayak…

This post includes many images from the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, showcasing the best action and adventure photography.

Take a big breath, just in case and enjoy the drop:

#1: Flat earth conspiracy in South Africa

red-bull-illume-kayak-action (1) Steve Fisher, Sam Drevo and Dale Jardine checking the location at Victoria Falls, in Zambia.
© Desré Pickers/Red Bull Illume

#2: Vertical drop in Mexico

red-bull-illume-2013-tim-kemple Tyler Bradt goes vertical south of the border in Mexico.
© Tim Kemple/Red Bull Illume

#3: Heavy drop in Oregon, western USA

red-bull-illume-kayak-action Erik Boomer dropping in heavy condition on Sahalie Falls.
© Tim Kemple/Red Bull Illume

#4: Same river, different drop in Oregon, western USA

red-bull-illume-kayak-action-galen-volckhausenGalen Volckhausen dropping down Sahalie Falls on the McKenzie River in Oregon.
© Tait Trautman/Red Bull Illume

#5: Feeling the spirit in Washington state, USA

red-bull-illume-kayak-action (4) Eric Johnson goes over the Spirit Falls in Little White Salmon River, WA.
© Tait Trautman/Red Bull Illume

#6: Tomata falls on the Rio Alsesca in Mexico

Rafa Ortiz Rocks the 90+ foot Lower Tomata Falls on the Rio Alseseca in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Veracruz, MexicoRafa Ortiz negotiates the rarely-run Lower Tomata Falls in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.
© Lucas Gilman/Red Bull Illume

#7: Slip and slide in Washington state, USA

slip-and-slide Tao Berman sends it down a 65m-tall slide in Washington state.
© Jock Bradley

#8: Little Ben, Big fall in Idaho state, USA

Profession Kayaker, Ben Stookesberry, dropping the 70+ Foot, Lower Mesa Falls on the Henry's Fork River. Photo By: Lucas J. Gilman ©Lucas J. Gilman 2007 P: 303-218.0707 E: lucas@lucasgilman.com Professional kayaker Ben Stookesberry dropping the 22m Lower Mesa Falls on the Henry’s Fork River.
© Lucas Gilman/Red Bull Illume

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