Water skiing in the river with the Rad Cow

Charles Dauzet and his friends from the Rad Cow crew attempt to ski across a very shallow river using an old pair of alpine skis and some unorthodox mechanical ingenuity.

Our friends from Auvergne (France) are back with an incredible project but as it is their trademark, nothing surprises us with them.  After several days of tracking on the rivers and streams of Cantal, these brilliant riders have found the right spot for a session of water skiing unusual. All pulled by their old car, a Peugeot 205 Sport winder option, this experience was not a pleasure at first but our cantalous friends have mastered the beast after many tests.
In the heart of the Aurillac, the Rad Cow have launched for a cable-towed ski ride on a small river in the corner and here is the result in subjective mode with an onboard camera and more conventional video.

The crazy crew has also experimented this technique during the recent floods that took place following the bad weather of recent weeks in Cantal.

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