A Surfer’s Roadtrip From Paris to La Rochelle

Paris, 8 July 2017, 34 Celsius Degrees. Standing in front of the cinema Rex, in Grands Boulevards, trying to find a cold coffee to save myself from the heat, I decided to call my surfer friends to see if there’s a way to get out of the city and catch a wave in La Rochelle. Just finished work, and I was speaking with one of our great instructor in La Tranche sur Mer. My car had broken down days ago, so all my hopes laid on my friends to find a way to reach La Rochelle. First call to my crazy friend Pierre, and there we get a bunch of people ready to ride the waves and get on a roadtrip to La Rochelle. 

It was one of this situations were you find yourself trapped without alternative, and the only choice to pay the incredible amounts to SNCF for a train ticket to La Rochelle. Everything already booked and our surfing escape seemed far away from reality. We searched all the possible ways .. and I mean all of them… even hitchiking. And then Pierre, who’s the typical person that never comes up with a good idea, found a website called Wikicampers . And it was like an apocalypse to us! We had found a way to get to La Rochelle and even where to stay !!! 

Here at Adrenaline Hunter, we get often questions from fellow surfers and outdoor lovers on where to stay and how to get move around. Wikicampers was the perfect solution. We rented a van simply through their platform and were in less than an hour on our way to La Rochelle to catch the waves. It’s a great platform to rent vans and live life like a real surfer, living on the adventure and the wild side of life.  To our surpise we even found the typical Volkswagen dream vans you usually see in the surfer’s movies. 

We stopped at Angers to get some food and check out the famous chateaux of Loire and the great gardens and forests. After some crazy ideas to have some stand up paddleboarding in the Maine river, we got back in the car, and after 2 hours we arrived in the beach at Tranche sur Mer. I had the time to take a power nap at the back of the because, as there was a small kitchen and a really cool couch. The car we had was really spacious so we got to fit the surf boards and all our stuff in it, plus acommodate all 4 of us. 

Luck was on our side for once and caught some waves as big as tower blocks to have some amazing time in water. Life seemed so much better outside Paris riding the waves. The day after we got up early in the morning to surf a bit more and take the trip back home. A great adventure some hours away from Paris, accommodation included! 

Some facts for all the our friends out there regarding the camping car from Wikicampers

  • We got the car rented for 90 € per day which is nothing if you compare the price for a rented car and a hotel. It’s also 30-40% cheaper than w hat it usually costs when renting from a professional. (Pierre is really good in statistics).
  • We found those mythical Volkswagen cars but none of those were available unfortunately at the requested time. It would be a real cult surfing holiday if we had one like these.
  • The van was really comfortable with the living room, the kitchen and toilets. It felt really like a whole house moving. 
  • There was enough space for all our equipment and the surf boards. And regarding the water supplies we didn’t have any issues – they told us it would last 3 days. 
  • We really did feel comfortable and we liked that we could stop anywhere we wanted to get the right beach. 

Website to book your van :

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