What is it like to skydive at Burning Man?

Burning Sky is a collective of skydivers who bring aerial art to the unique venue of Burning Man.

Any sufficiently-experienced skydiver is welcome to participate. They also offer the public an unforgettable opportunity to view Black Rock City from the air in order to share their timeless love of the heavens with the Burning Man community.

Discover the best shots of the Burning Sky community during the most psychedelic celebration in the world:

1389735_414343582059478_1849902579_n ewsGv Heres-Amanda-Skydiving-into-Burning-Man-2003 Heres-Another-Guy-Skydiving-Into-Burning-Man o-BURNING-MAN-facebook Skydivers-Form-a-6-Way-Speedstar-Over-Burning-Man-2003 skydiving-lessthan3 Woman-Skydiving-into-Burning-Man-2012-750x514

Looks pretty awesome to us and goes definitely on our bucket list! We might want to learn how to dive, solo as a grown up, first…

Top Photo Credit: JL Lacar

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