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6 Best Skydiving Movies To Watch Now

Love the feeling of jumping from a plane? Check out the 6 best skydiving and freefall movies to watch now. Why go anywhere when you can get your skydiving high right from the couch!

Sunshine Superman

Sunshine Superman is a skydiving documentary you simply can’t miss if you’re a skydiver. The 2014 Norwegian/ American film is a biopic on the life and death of Carl Boenish, widely considered to be the “father of BASE jumping”.

Carl Boenish began his skybound career as a skydiver in the 1960’s. This fearless dude soon discovered BASE jumping, eventually having the courage to jump off of El Capitan in Yosemite, California. Boenish also went on to set a world record with his wife, Jean when they both jumped off Troll Wall in Norway together.

The isn’t a niche film- it’s a mind-blowing documentary about a man who had to courage to live a life of passion. It offers some amazing shots of things most of us would never even dream of doing, and it’s a thrill just to watch Boenish do his thing.


This skydiving film, starring Stephen Baldwin and Dennis Rodman, is an excellent watch for action fans. Baldwin plays Victor “Vic” Cooper, an undercover U.S. customs agent, whose personal and professional personas seem to blend just a little too much. 

When Cooper takes on a drug smuggling case, he is unable to prove his suspicions. He realized the drugs must have been smuggled by parachute, and takes a skydiving lesson in order to investigate. There, he meets his new love interest, Star, who tells him that people who come there ‘cutaway’ from their lives and cutaway their main chute in order to use their reserve chute. He also gets permissions to take skydive lessons with the US army.

As he improves, he grows closer to the team. But as his skills improve, so does the competition between the top guys at the drop zone. He eventually lands a job with the suspected drug smuggling company with one of the best skydivers nicknamed Red Line.

Things get complicated with Red Line, and the film ends with the ultimate justification for the film’s title. You have to watch this one to know just how it ends!

Drop Zone

The idea for this 1994 film was hatched by professional skydivers Guy Manos and Tony Griffin. 

The film begins with U.S. Air Marshal Pete Nessip (played by Snipes) and his partner escorting a terrorist to a high-security prison in another state. Things go awry when an attempted hijack blows a hole in the plane. The terrorists end up parachute-jumping out at 30,000 feet. The terrorists take the prisoner with them, and Nessip somehow survives as well.

Turns out the whole thing was masterminded by yet another terrorist, an ex-DEA agent played by Gary Busey. When Nessip questions the circumstances surrounding the accident, the FBI suspiciously reports that jumps at that height are simply not possible, nor would sneaking parachutes through security.

But Nessip doesn’t buy it, and ends up consulting with a U.S. Navy HALO military parachuting instructor, who confirms they have indeed done jumps at this height and speed. Yet it remains a mystery how the parachutes got onto the plane.

You’ll have to watch to find out what happens. Face it- everyone loves a good Wesley Snipes film- and Drop Zone is just the movie to get your heart pumping even while you’re sitting on the couch.

Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity, starring Charlie Sheen, James Gandolfini and Nastassja Kinski was actually released in the same quarter in 1994 as Drop Zone was. 1994 was apparently an excellent year for skydivers!

Charlie Sheen plays Ditch, a cocky skydiving instructor (he didn’t have to work too hard at the cocky part, however). When a beautiful young woman named Chris (played by Kinski) comes in to take her “1st” jump, Ditch lustfully agrees. The jump ends in tragedy when a Chris randomly jumps out on her own and appears to have died, hitting the ground at terminal velocity. 

Things start to get more complicated, as Chris eventually turns up alive and well with a story about being a KGB agent. She claims  her former soviet co-workers have been recruited by the Russian mob and are planning an attack on Moscow, which she must stop!

While you don’t need much more than half a brain to watch this one, it does have incredible action scenes- espionage, skydiving and Russian women- what more could you want from a film?

Adrenaline Rush- The Science of Risk

Adrenaline Rush- The Science of Risk is basically what it sounds like – a documentary about the science behind what makes humans crave an adrenaline rush so desperately.

The film features two main adrenaline-junkies – Adrian Nicholas and Katarina ollikainen. In 1999, Nicholas completed the world’s longest unassisted human flight, falling for 4 minutes and 55 seconds at speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour.

Watch as they and other skydivers dive in the most stunning locations worldwide, such as above the Florida Keys, the Mojave Desert and the breathtaking fjords of Norway.

Debuted in 2002, the documentary dives deep into the psychological and physiological urges behind risk-taking. It’s about time there was an explanation for why everyone keeps jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, right?

The Gypsy Moths

The Gypsy Moths is a 1969 American drama about skydivers from a small town in the midwest. This ‘OG’ of skydiving films stars Gene Hackman, Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. These were the Tom Cruises and Julia Roberts of their day.

Attractions run high, as Mike, played by Lancaster, falls in love and sleeps with Elizabeth, whose husband overhears all the action. Then Malcolm becomes involved with Annie, a student living in the same household that all the skydivers are staying. Joe, played by Hackman, falls in love with a topless dancer.

While the story involves a lot of romantic relationships between characters, it also features quite impressive aerial stunts and camera shots, especially for the 1960s.

When the film was made on location in Kansas, skydiving was still in its infancy. The skydivers also used bat wings, which today have morphed into wingsuits. The film is a cool way to see how skydiving has evolved over the last 80 years and is a must-see for any skydiver.

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