Climbing session in Kalymnos

Climber and Pro Coach, did you know that Christophe Bichet was one of our ambassadors ?

Mental coach of the French team, he tells us about his climbing trip in Kalymnos, Greece. We are almost a foot over there while reading him…


Climbing Grande Grotta, 7c

A white sandy beach, local restaurants with flowing tzatziki, the fish caught by the morning and the pita prepared at any time of day … It’s the beautiful life in Kalymnos!

A typical morning

I am getting up, it is 7am. On the small balcony painted blue and white, there is a table and three chairs. Big breath of air… Huuuumpf! It is 25 degrees! My girlfriend, a jar of honey from the producer in front of the hotel, some walnuts and two Greek yogurts join me. The sun rises in front of us on the island of Telendos, so perfect!

And to think that we’re only a few hours flight from Paris?!

We quickly fill our bags: climbing shoes, harness, rope, tether, quickdraws, chalk bag …

“Sweetheart ! Did you take some snacks for lunch?”

“No! But we will buy some on the way!”

Indeed, in Kalymnos, no need to take your car, everything is done and sold on site, on the only road through the village. There is even some croissants for the most chauvinistic!

It is with joy that we leave. A stop at one of the two fountains of the village allows us to fill our water bottles. Five minutes later, we are at the foot of the Grande Grotta! THE most impressive spot of the cave, with impressive slopes and endless lengths!

I begin with the famous Priapus, the classical pathway of the corner. My girlfriend goes for a 6a on the right of the cave.

At Kalymnos, all levels come together, from very easy to hardcore with slabs, vertical walls, big overhangs … open buffet! The bolts are clean and brand new, as the chains and the belays. Often, there is even no need to take a lanyard.


Afternoon Farniente

A stop is essential on our return to the apartment.

We stop an hour at Nektarios, a nice local restaurant in the corner. He welcomes us in French, but with a slight accent: “Hey ! Hi Christophe! Have you climbed today?”

A table! Two pitas, a Xoriatiki (Greek salad) and a mega tzatziki. Before ending with a small espresso, Nektarios offers us a plate of watermelon… Our taste buds are in complete ecstasy!

The afternoon will turn into an impromptu spa therapy: blue sea at 25 degrees and sandy beach with small pebbles. A delight !

Between two frappes coffees, we meet Simon Montmory … THE climber – opener island monitor! We spend the rest of the evening with him. He shares his recent openings, his philosophy of climbing and what he seeks to pass on to his students. A pure passionate! He had to return home to clean, but finally stayed at our table until 10pm…

And us to ask ourselves: “Well … our next trip to Kalymnos, we do we plan it?”


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