Best Locations for Tandem Paragliding in the UK

Not only is tandem paragliding a brilliant way to see new destinations from new perspectives, it’s also a great adrenaline rush. Soaring through the air hundreds of metres above lakes, valleys, dunes or mountains – depending on where you choose to take your flight, is a thrill like no other. The UK, from the stunning Scottish Highlands all the way down to the beautiful beaches of the south coast of England, has some incredible spots to try this exhilarating aerial sport. Take a look at our picks of the best locations for tandem paragliding, in the UK.

Pembrokeshire Wales
Photo Credit: Niklas Weiss

Pembrokeshire, Wales

This stunning county in south-west Wales is known for its award-winning beaches, picture-postcard fishing villages and also, surprisingly to some, fantastic tandem paragliding opportunities. Head just outside of the quaint town of Cardigan, across the River Teifi from Pembrokeshire, to get some great perspectives of the stunning beaches and villages of this peaceful, beautiful region.

Soar over this area of stunning natural beauty, including over the northern parts of the extensive and scenic Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. This park is one of three of Wales’s National Parks and consists exclusively of the region’s stunning coastal areas.

Yorkshire Dales
Photo Credit: Gary Butterfield

Yorkshire Dales National Park, England

Home to a number of fantastic tandem paragliding spots, head to the outskirts of this National Park in the heart of Northern England, for some exhilarating tandem paragliding flights. The best take-off points can be found near the quaint stony cottage filled towns of Settle, on the southwestern edge of the Dales, and Hawes, in the centre. Fly along mountain ridges, and over the stunning green landscape of this beautiful national park. Take a short flight over this fabulous landscape, great for holiday-makers, thrill-seekers and solo-adventurers alike!

Goatfell Isle of Arran
View of Goatfell, Photo Credit: Blair Fraser

Isle of Arran, Scotland

This magnificent Scottish Isle, in the Firth of Clyde and off the country’s south-west coast, boasts a huge number of great take-off sites. The Isle of Arran has great areas for tandem paragliding and paragliding flights for both beginners and seasoned pros, respectively, to choose from.

For stunning views of this rocky, peaceful and enchanting Scottish Island, known by many as ‘Scotland in Miniature,’ head to Goatfell, the island’s peak at 874m, and take off from its side for great views of the mountain, as well as of the lush green island and its surrounding waters. The Isle of Arran is also known for great watersports and hiking opportunities.

Lake District National Park
Photo Credit: Ian Kelsall

Lake District National Park, England

This beloved national park in the north-west of England, is the largest in England and the second largest in the UK. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this incredible rugged, mountainous landscape is, as its name suggests, filled with beautiful lakes, such as the world-famous Windermere, as well as the stunning lakes of Ullswater and Derwentwater. Tandem paragliding in the Lake District National Park is an unforgettable experience, offering both amazing thrills and a peaceful semi-solo adventure, over the vast tranquil landscape.

At the heart of this national park is where the best tandem paragliding experiences can be found. For great views of one of this national park’s bigger lakes, Derwentwater, head to take-off points near the Blencathra peak. For stunning views of seemingly never-ending expanses of rolling hills and lakes, the Lake District National Park is an incredible choice of destination for tandem paragliding adventures.

Newhaven England
Photo Credit: Natalia Terskaya

Newhaven Cliffs, East Sussex, England

The town of Newhaven, midway between the larger south coast holiday destinations of Brighton and Eastbourne, has a lot to offer in the way of tandem paragliding adventures. Head to the cliffs along the coastline of this quaint little port town and take to the skies along this part of the south coast’s white chalk cliffs. See the English Channel from above and get fantastic views of this world-famous coastline on a tandem paragliding adventure in this location.

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Top Photo Credit: Mamun Srizon