Top 5 Video Entries For RedBull King of the Air 2017

The Red Bull King Of The Air (KOTA) is the most extreme Big Air Kitesurfing competition. For the 5th time the event will take place in 2017 in the mystic spot of Big Bay in Cap Town South Africa.

During two weeks (from Jan 21th to Feb 5th) the 18 riders qualified will wait for the perfects conditions to compete. At this period, wind can blow over 35kts with waves over 3 meters high!! Riders are boosting hight in extreme conditions…

Only the finest are selected to ride at the KOTA!

In 2017 only 18 riders will participate to the event (24 in 2016) so the selection is even more drastic. These are the top 12 of KOTA 2016 such as Aaron Hadlow (2015-2016) Kevin Langeree (2014) and Jesse Richman (2013), 2 wildcard, and 4 riders selected by the judges on the videos entries they are submitting. Even famous riders like Nick Jacobsen, actual leader on the Woo app with 26,7M hight jump, is submitting is video to be selected. 

For sure KOTA 2017 is THE kite event you want to follow. A live stream on red bull TV will be available. Until that here is a selection of the top 5 video entries of KOTA 2017… WOOOOW!! That’s impressive! 

Ride hard!


#1: Nick Jacobsen, THE boss! 

#2: the Frenchy Rangin Antonin

#3: the South African Stuart Downey

#4: the Dutch Steven Akkersdijk

#5: Angely Bouillot, THE girl (and maybe the future Queen of the Air)! 

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