Meet the Adventurous Isabelle Fabre

Isabelle Fabre travels the world with a drone on  her back and her kitesurfing equipment.  Today, the French wanderer shares a little of her life and adventures with us!

What was the trigger?

Engineer by training, I felt frustrated in my work: I had the feeling to miss something, that life, the years went too fast. At the same time, leaving my well paid job scared me, so I stayed in this cozy but so frustrating situation. One day, fate gave me quite a kick: I found myself single and unemployed at the same time!

What did you do?

Immediately, I sold everything I had and I left for Australia. Why not go that far when you have time! I began exploring and I learned kitesurfing and windsurfing…I even found love over there, but that’s another long story!

How do you live today?

I travel the world with my drone in search of the wind, and I try to bring the best possible images every time, to inspire, to escape, to dream. And maybe also to give that little kick in the ass that made me feel so good and that changed my life!

It took time but I finally agreed to put my career aside, along my hard years of studies. I plunged into the adventure with all my energy, I started my company in an area that was close to my heart: the promotion of the feminine sports (Trail entre elles). And I hit the road, becoming what is called a digital nomad today!

What are you favorite spots according to your activities?

Between trips, I devote myself to my other passions in France: mountain biking, trailing, skydiving, canyoning and crossfit to keep fit!

I love Mauritius for Kitesurfing ! There is a beautiful turquoise lagoon to train in freestyle, and huge wavess t to push your limits to the extreme! There is no room for error overthere! Sometimes you will find yourself with a wave of 5 meters high in your back!

For mountainbiking, I have a big crush for Les Deux Alpes in France. The area is huge and there is a real effort to develop and maintain the tracks. I go there every summer!

In winter, I ride in the hills of Nice: there really is plenty to do!

What is your most vivid memory?

In Australia, I crashed my car in a crocodile river in the middle of nowhere. It was really frightening!

In Mauritius, I took my first big wave, the kind of wave that does not forgive. I was so afraid that I could not stand on my legs afterwards.

In Morocco, I had the opportunity to do to a multisport raid during a week in the desert. My teammate was a Moroccan from a very disadvantaged background: she had never been to school and she did not speak French, but only Arabic. We teamed up while trailing, mountain biking, orienteering, communicating only through gestures and mimes. She didn’t know how to swim and had to face her fears during the kayak. I have never experienced before a more beautiful race goal: I knew that if we won, it would be the oppotunity for her to buy sporting equipment. She wasn’t even running with sneakers to her size, as she borrowed all the material she had.

A true friendship has been created between us. Laughter, lots of joy and tears on the arrival.

Where is the next stop you are dreaming to go?

I’d love to return to Australia. It is there that I started kiteboarding, and I know that this country is full of amazing spots!

Now that I have taken the next level in kitesurfing, I dream of returning there to experience the waves of Margaret River. In addition, there are plenty of different activities to do between two sessions overthere: mountain biking, parachuting, diving…

Can you tell us about your next challenge?

I’m leaving tomorrow for Brazil to make a Kitesurfing Downwind trip on 400 km long with a girl team! It will be an interesting experience!

I also have the project to do a 1000km cross in Australia. I will soon tell you more about that !

If you could choose one of the activities of Adrenaline Hunter?

I have a real call of the heart for your Mountain biking stay in Reykjavik, Iceland!

What would be your ideal 4 guests over dinner?

I am someone who lives simply and I never really had idols. My ideal guests would be my close friends. Those who supported me in my life choices and motivated me to continue in this way.

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