Nick Jacobsen jumps off the top of the royal library in Copenhagen

A few weeks ago, Nick Jacobsen, the new King of The Air (crowned in January 2017 at the Redbull King of The Air event), has realized a really fun project with Diesel jumping off the royal library in Copenhagen with his kite. 

Kiting in urban landscapes like this, is really tricky. Please stick to the beach! Thanks @lumecube for showing me the way down!

Adrenaline was running high, as professional kitesurfer, Nick Jacobsen pushed the boundaries one more time. 

As you can see from the spectacular video above, Nick launched himself from the rooftop of the royal library in Copenhagen to the river crossing the city. And to be even funniest, Nick did it by night ! After his crazy video in Necker Island, Nick still surprises us! 

WE ARE FAN of this guy ! 



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