Kitesurfer’s Dream Camp in Brazil

From October 9 to 19, we have the perfect kitesurfing plan for you! It’s taking place in a magical Brazilian atmosphere, in a dream kite camp far from saturated spots.

Welcome to Icaraizinho, a small fishermen’s village in the Northeast region of Brazil. Believe us, this spot is just a true paradise for kitesurfers, far away from crowded kitesurfing spots, offering incredible wind conditions !



This small paradise for kiters is located in the middle of sand dunes, palm and coconut groves.
The bay, shaped like a crescent moon, offers any kind of riding for varied coaching sessions (freestyle, freeride, waves).

For kitesurfers beginners

There is no better place to get started! For the beginners /students, there is a school zone with all the appropriate equipment for learning. There are IKO certified instructors and a dune buggy to get to different spots around depending on conditions and levels.

For kitesurfers experts

You can join the Elite Camp by taking a Pro Coach or accompanying the team as an autonomous rider.



Two choices for kitesurfers experts :

  • Our expert coaching program is intended for advanced riders who wish to continue progressing.  For those want to reach a top level by benefiting from the experience and expertise of our professional kiteboarders. The pro will help you improve through personalized coaching, demonstrations and by putting theory into practice.
  • All autonomous riders wishing to accompany us and benefit from this amazing all inclusive kite camp are welcomed! You are in that position if : you are an autonomous kiteboarder, you want to progress in wave riding and freestyle in a kite dream spot in Brazil.  You also have your own kitesurfing equipment and you don’t want coaching. But still, you would like to join a the great vibes of the kite camp!



We love the :

  • Chilled and relaxed atmosphere, far away from mass tourism
  • Kite camp supervised by 2 Top pro riders, Julien Leuleu and Hugo Guias
  • Tailored program including yoga and excursions
  • Exclusive and luxurious villas with amazing views on one of the best kiteboarding spot in Brazil
  • Very reliable wind conditions with constant winds (~ 25 to 35knots), sandy beach’s, warm weather & warm waters


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