Kiteboy Antoine Auriol

Bazingaa ! The French Kitesurfer has material to impress as much for its kite figures than for his appearances as a model or for his worldwide travel adventures. Handsome, athletic, intelligent, and even musician… Is Antoine Auriol the perfect rider?

Did you know that he :

  • was born on 20th November 1987 in the East of France, from a german mother and a sports teacher dad
  • reached the top five Trampoline junior athletes in France
  • began windsurfing at 15 and won the European Youth Championship in the “Olympic board” class
  • is in the top 3 riders in the world and he became World Champion KPWT 2010
  • has been the image of the new Lacoste perfumes during four years

Since 2015, Antoine embodies a new documentary series “La quête des vents“. He travels the world to understand how men live in symbiosis with the wind every day.

In each episode, he discoveres the ingenious techniques used to fight, resist, or take advantage of the wind. And all this with his kite, paragliding equipment and slackline under the arm !
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Antoine Auriol riding in, on, and over the sea in beautiful New Caledonia :

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