The Vallée Blanche descent, an epic line in the heart of Mont Blanc!

An accessible off-piste treat!

“La Vallée Blanche” (The White Valley) is an ideal name for an off-piste and freeride skiing paradise. After a 30-minute cable car ride to the summit of the Aiguille du Midi at 3842m, there is an exceptional view: with Mont Blanc nearby, Grandes Jorasses, Cervin, Grand Paradis, Monte Rosa …

Your guide will be your eyes and you will pass on useful knowledge about the Mountain and his experiences on the field. Together you will explore the Vallée Blanche and the Grands Montets.
The Vallée Blanche offers 23 km of descent and 2 000 m of altitude in which you can to hit the slopes and totally comb this mythical glacier.

The Vallée Blanche is accessible every day from January to May, depending on snow conditions. As for the duration of the descent, it varies depending on your level, the route chosen, the number of people and the snow conditions. Overall, from departing Chamonix to the valley, it normally takes from 4 to 6 hours depending on the chosen itinerary.

Also depending on your technical abilities and the snow conditions, several routes will be proposed: the Classic, the True White Valley, the Small Envers, the Great Envers. 


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The itineraries of the Vallée Blanche

1. The Classic!

It is the easiest route and the most traveled. It follows the least steep line situated in the heart of the glaciers: the Géant glacier, the Tacul glacier and the Mer de Glace. The main technical difficulties are the descent of the Aiguille du Midi and the sometimes delicate icy passage of the Géant glacier.

2. The “Vraie Vallée Blanche” 

Historical route between Vallée Blanche Classic and Envers, the Vallée Blanche route run through the heart of the ice formations, between crevasses and small icy peaks, before joining the trail of the Vallée Blanche Classique. It’s a beautiful course which requires a good level of skiing.

3. Le Petit Envers 

This is a great alternative for skiers who are familiar with the classic white valley. It is located between the “Vallée Blanche” and the Envers du Plan glacier. The slopes are tough without being too technical.

4. Le Grand Envers (Only for top line skiers) 

This run is reserved for very good skiers. It begins along the Midi-Plan ridge before diving onto the Envers glacier, making this route very technical. It alternates between steep slopes and narrow passages between the large serras and offers the most stunning vistas along the way.

Do I need a guide the Vallée Blanche?

The Vallée Blanche is an off-piste and unmarked course, which takes place on high-mountain glacial terrain. Supervision by a qualified guide is therefore the safest way to fully enjoy the activity safely. He will know, from his experience, the best route, safest and most route suited to your ability.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people, enabling the guide to provide you with personalized advice.

What technical level is required to ski the Vallée Blanche?

Skiers must be in full control their speed, with the ability to moderate the speed of their turns in relation to the demands of the route. Technical difficulty wise, it relates to a red track (or black track in the southern hemisphere). Beware, this is an off-road route and the technical difficulty may increase depending on the conditions of the moment.




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