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Top 6 Spots to Dive Under Ice

If extreme, unusual and challenging scuba diving scenarios appeal to you, try diving under the ice.

Ice diving is one of the most adventurous scuba specialties because you confront conditions and see beauty few others ever experience. Plus, you might get a chance to play with your exhaled bubbles on the bottom of the ice.
Discover 6 crazy spots for ice diving, from the less extreme to the most challenging:

#6 : Cut squares in ice


© Jo-Ann Wilkins

Ice divers enter the water in Morrison’s Quarry, in Québec.
Where: Morrison’s Quarry, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada
Sharpen ice-diving skills, and admire designs that fellow divers create on the surface by shoveling snow off the ice

#5 : Meet a beluga

Scuba diver with Beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas swimming under ice, Arctic circle Dive Center, White Sea, Karelia, northern Russia

© Franco Banfi

An ice diver has a close encounter with a beluga whale under de ice, in Russia.
Where: White Sea, Russia
Face-to-face encounters with beluga whales

#4 : Ice dive in a bikini


© Pekka Tuuri

French freediver Chloé Villaume ice diving in a bikini in a water of 2 degrees under the ice.
Where: Lake Päijänne, Finland
Why: Thrill seeking, only 2 minutes before the cold could  damage her nerve extremities

#3 : Explore ships under the ice


© Jerzy Kowalczuk

An ice diver explores the Alice G tugboat wreck under the ice in Russia.
Where: Fathom Five National Marine Park, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada
Why: Explore wrecks, such as the John & Alex fishing tug

#2 : Traverse an underwater ice tunnel

Scuba diver inside a cave ice, Lake Sassolo, Sambuco valley, Ticino, Switzerland

© Franco Banfi

An ice diver explores an underwater tunnel in Switzerland.
Where: Lake Sassolo, Switzerland
Why: Explore underwater tunnels thant could collapse at anytime.

#1 : Dive under icebergs in Greenland

Diver swimming ice diving along an iceberg in crystal clear water holding a video camera with lights on, Tasiilaq Fjord, East-Greenland, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic, global warming.

© Tobias Friedrich

An ice diver explores huge icebergs in the Tasiilaq Fjord in Greenland.  
Where: The fjord of Tasiilaq, Greenland
Where: Swim amongst the biggest icebergs in the world that constantly evolve by flipping. 

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