175m Freediving Under Ice: Thrilling Movie About Arthur Guérin-Boëri !

A freediving dive of 175 metres under 50 centimetres of ice. Seems impossible? Yet, it’s the exploit recorded on March 11th, 2017 in Finland by French diver and 5 times World Champion Arthur Guérin-Boëri. At the end of the line was a new dynamic freediving under ice World Record for the man who had already established an impressive record in 2016 for the longest distance ever crossed in freedive. He was the very first man to reach the mythical wall of 300 metres. No need to say more, you guessed that 33 years old Arthur Guérin-Boëri is a legend in the freediving world. What’s more? A great news for all extreme record breakers’ fans: there will be a movie coming out early 2018 about the finnish exploit and Arthur’s global approach of freediving. Look it up, it’s called: Aquae Rex.

In order for the movie to exist, a crowd-funding campaign was launched on the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank website. The goal was to obtain at least € 20,000 in order to finance all post-production works of Sébastien Moreau’s documentary (which represents 50 hours of rushes!) As of today, a bit more than € 7,000 (approximately 37% of the total amount needed) were collected in little more than a week. At Adrenaline Hunter, official provider of extreme sports and sensations, we can’t really hide our enthusiasm for this project. We do hope this project breaks through so that general public discovers the incredible performance of Arthur Guérin-Boëri! In order to make a contribution, you can click here.

The documentary follows Arthur through a bit more than a year. You’ll witness all his mental and physical preparation to the world record of freediving under ice.

Sébastien Moreau said: “From the very first days of shooting, I began to realise that behind the friend I had known for so long was hidden a true, absolutely amazing athlete that I had the chance to be filming. From there, I decided to follow him everyday in order to get a better idea of his universe, the stakes of his sport and competitions. So I was there for all the national and international competitions, for all his crazy projects including the record of freediving under ice in a frozen lake in Finland.” He also added, from the bottom of his heart: “Freediving is a fascinating sport that’s still not very well-known. Since Big Blue, which was already 30 years ago, freediving does have the sympathy of the public but is not represented enough in the media. More than a sport, freediving is a way of life with positive values of life that we really wish to promote. By helping us completing the movie, you’ll help us reach a broader audience and help give freediving the influence it really deserves.”

Get a taste of what the movie could be like: here’s the official teaser and some pics!



Arthur Guérin-Boëri talks about the project Kiss Kiss Bank Bank :

Top Photo Credit: Marco Assmann