Michael Goulian

Interview of Michael Goulian from the Red Bull Air Race

Following the second stage of the Red Bull Air Race which took place in Cannes (France) on April 21 and 22, the Alpina watches ambassador Michael Goulian finished third, but he still remains at the top of the overall championship standings.
Michael Goulian still leads the world championship with 24 points, but Australia’s Matt Hall is now on his heels with 21 points and Japan’s Yoshi Muroya is in third with 19 total points.
Here some feed back from the contest with Michael :

– What do you remember most about the Red Bull Air Race in Cannes?
The things I remember the most are flying over the most amazing clear water and the beautiful beaches. The French people were also very inviting to us and made us feel very comfortable.

– Do you like to fly under La Croisette de Cannes in front of 80 000 people?
The feeling was amazing. You could really feel the energy of the fans on the beaches!

– Your season start is impressive, you have changed anything from previous years?
We are always striving to be better each race and each season. So it’s a work in progress. We are always changing little things.

– How do you feel for the next events?
I’m very excited to keep up our competitive status within the race. We’re hoping for more great finishes!

Michael Goulian

– Do you do any special training to prepare the Red Bull Air Race?
With a team or on your own? I have a lot of different aspects to my training. I have a nutrition coach, personal fitness trainer, and a sports psychologist coach. We don’t leave anything to chance.

– Can you give me your personal definition for aerobatic flight?
For me, aerobatic flight is the opportunity to display for fans the artistry and beauty of three-dimensional flight. Allowing your imagination to show through and inspire people.

– Do you take time to fly for your pleasure?
What do you feel in this moment (are you thinking competitively or is it just for a good time)? Most of my flying right now is for work but even though it’s “work”, I still love it. I always try and be perfect.

– Do you think people should have a specific capacity to be a pilot in aerobatic flight or that anyone can do it ( Can someone be trained for that level or do you think some people are just born with it? )
I think that to be a good aerobatic pilot you should be an athlete. The better hand/eye coordination you have then the better you will be. However, I think with training, any pilot can perform safely, just not at the highest levels.

– What advice would you give a kid if they told you they wanted to become a red bull air race competitor like you?
That is won’t be easy and you most likely won’t get there. But that’s what makes it so special. To be successful, one must have incredible drive and passion, if you have these traits, and you don’t give up, perhaps you can be flying in the race some day.

– Do you recommend everyone try an aerobatics flight with a certified pilot?
Everyone should try aerobatics. The feeling is incredible and should not be missed.

– Have you ever taken anyone with you for a flight, such as a friend, to see if they liked it?
I have given hundreds of aerobatic thrill rides and everyone absolutely loves it.

– I’m asking for myself this question since I met the guys at Alpina – Do you use your watches on the cockpit in 300km/h?
Yes, I wear my watches while flying in all of my planes.

– How many watches do you have from these guys?
Currently, I have 5 Alpina watches. And I hope to get a couple more this year. Some of their new models are beautiful.

– Can you tell us something about yourself that you think your fans would want to know ?
The only thing I can think of is that whether I win or lose in the race, because I’m in the air and in my plane, I am always having fun and have a smile on my face.

Have a nice day and all the AH team support you for the competition !


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About Michael Goulian
Michael Goulian is one of the most experienced and determined contenders for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, and since his first race in 2004 the American has accumulated career highlights including a memorable win at the iconic stop of Budapest, Hungary. Before beginning his racing career, Goulian earned the US National Unlimited Aerobatics Championship and the National Advanced Aerobatics Championship, and he
continues to be a popular performer of aerial demonstrations. Goulian is one of just seven pilots ever to earn the triple crown of industry honors for airshow flying: the Art School Memorial Award, the Bill Barber Award and the ICAS Sword of Excellence. Goulian further holds the distinction of being an honorary member of the legendary US Navy Blue Angels. Based in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, the team flies the number 99 Edge 540.