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TOP 10 Last Minute Activities to Give This Christmas!

If you’ve got an adrenaline buff on your Christmas gift list, who’s not afraid of anything and is always up for a new challenge, then these activities are guaranteed to fit the bill and supply some much-needed thrills. Give the gift of timeless memories and don’t forget to sign yourself up too, because you deserve to have fun too, right?

With over 6,200 activities available worldwide on Adrenaline Hunter, it’s easy to find the perfect pick for you or your loved one. To help you refine your choice, here is our Top 10 of the best activities to try out yourself or give as a present this Christmas.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is always a top pick for adrenalin junkies who want to try an extreme sport, feel the rush as you jump from 40 to 300 meters high and let go of all the stresses from yesterday as you fall through the sky. Bungee jumping is, as its name implies, a simple jump from a crane or bridge, with an elasticated cord attached to your ankles. Once you’ve taken the plunge, enjoy the thrill of the free fall followed by successive ups and downs, before you’re safely assisted back on to solid ground.

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Off-piste skiing

Off-piste skiing is a way of exploring the mountain independently without resorting to the specific amenities that are usually found in ski areas. Freeride skiing is practiced off-piste, ie on ungroomed slopes and outside marked and supervised routes. For your own safety, off-piste skiing requires a good level of skiing with a lot of experience in the mountains, and it’s extremely important to follow the advice and instructions of the guide.

Tignes Ski Freeride


Take a deep breath and dive into this unique activity. Contrary to popular belief, free diving isn’t reserved for an elite group of experts with extraordinary physiological adaptations or yogis coming straight out of an ashram. Freediving teaches you how to hold your breath with relaxation techniques which control your oxygen intake. Take the opportunity to explore rare species in the depths of the oceans, all over the world, without being burdened with a clunky oxygen bottle.

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Nothing quite compares to the adrenaline rush of a parachute jump and this extreme sensation is even better shared! Freefall from the sky with a breath-taking view and experience the feeling of weightlessness alongside your best friend – we guarantee you’ll be talking about it for years.

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It’s time to get the heart rate pumping with an adrenaline-loaded rafting session. The aim of the game is to descend the river by paddling from one check point to another, all the while trying to navigate through rapids and slaloming between the rocks and waterfalls. Jump aboard with family or friends, put on your wetsuit, life jacket and helmet and enjoy a great day out while experiencing the joy of paddling the rivers currents as cold water splashes in your face!


Ice climbing

Ice climbing is derived from classic rock climbing and mountaineering that began in the 1970s, but it involves navigating along glacial formations, through corridors and up frozen waterfalls, equipped with ice axes and spiked crampons. Whether artificial or natural, ice walls provide a great playground for thrill-seekers who aren’t afraid of the cold.

Adrenaline Hunter Icefall

Dog Sledding

There’s nothing like being pulled along by a pack of sled dogs while you take in the snowy and magical landscapes in the mountain valleys and forests of Andorra! Dog sledding is ideal for families, as its doesn’t require much physical exertion and you can just sit back, snuggle up and admire the spectacular landscapes.

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Cruising the streets standing on a skateboard is a dream for many, yet it doesn’t actually require as much balance or training as you may think. Sign up with a good teacher and they’ll explain all you need to know about positioning and the important movement before you roll over to the skatepark. Whether you’re into freestyle (tricks on the ground or on modules), downhill longboarding (extreme descent on the road) or simply just cruising, all these activities are offered with personalized courses.


Diving with Sharks

Dive into a VIP meeting with the most formidable predators in the ocean, feel your heart race whilst admiring the grace and power of the sharks as they swim freely past you in their natural habitat. Many spots in the world offer this thrilling activity which is guaranteed to quickly change your mind about this misunderstood species.

Diving with sharks


If cross-country skiing or freestyle skiing isn’t your thing, then maybe you’ll be tempted by Speedriding or snow-kiting, which combine skiing with paragliding or kite-surfing. Equipped with wings or a sail, you can carve down the slopes then take to air whenever you fancy! This sport is totally different from paragliding, the spirit of Speedriding is influenced by the speed and the proximity between you and the snowy ground beneath your board.

speed riding

Fat bike

The Fat Bike is a reliable mountain bike that has big innovative tires perfectly suited to all terrains such as sand, mud and snow. Kitted out with, on average, 12 cm wide wheels to offer maximum stability that holds fast on all trails in the most fun and exciting way.

fat bike

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