big air bag freestyle

Learn your freestyle tricks safely with the Airbag

The game changer in your training routine

If you’re keen to try out some new tricks, either in snowboarding or skiing, here is a great option : The airbag! With a super smooth landing, low impact and quick exit, it’s ideal for those starting to learn or wanting to improve aerial tricks.

You can kiss injuries during training goodbye with this huge inflatable mattress, designed to cushion your landings and lead the way to future pro free style riders!
The airbag technique allows you to try out aerial moves that you could only dream about before, helps you to improve and rehearse tricks you already know,and most importantly helps you to build up your confidence before your try a trick in a real snowpark or skate park.  The concept is simple, drop into a ramp, get some speed, take off in the air, try to do something that looks impressive. Basically it’s like a water landing without all the wet clothes.

This giant cushion airbag makes an ideal playground to practice your snowboard or ski tricks as well as BMX, skateboarding or any other sport that involves you launching yourself in the air!
Check out Travis Pastrana proving it here with his Nitro Circus team.

You can now play with the airbag all year long, even if it is mostly used in ski resorts, to create some fun and unique activities while letting loose in the air. Its relatively low risk and feels like you’re landing on water.
If you’ve follow The Olympics in Peyongchang, then you might be dreaming of recreating some of the athletes craziest moves, well dream no more, it is now possible to do so with the Airbag (if you are in a resort that has one that is). It’s an incredible unique and fun experience that is available to everyone over the age of 5!

big air bag freestyle

Channel your inner Kevin Rolland, become the king of the back flip, cork or any other aerial trick you fancy, but hey, remember that once you’re a champ on the airbag the next step is to land it for real on snow or concrete, so think hard about the landing too during every practice session. The biggest risk we’ve encountered is kids and adults alike getting hooked on the adrenaline rush and forgetting that the actual aim is to improve and master your tricks.

The airbags goal is to teach you how to ace your aerial game in the best conditions while having the maximum amount of fun.

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big air bag freestyle