Laird Hamilton rescued 15 little girls in Hawaii !

Laird Hamilton, magnificent lifeguard in Hawaii

As The Inertia said, Laird Hamilton looks like Chuck Norris. A guy without fear and doubts, on whom the years flow while he defies the waves all around the world. A guy who puts head shots on the problems and other vicissitudes of fate.

So it’s not surprising that Laird still had heroic behavior, this weekend in Hawaii. As reported by pro surfer Leila Hurst on Instagram, Hamilton has saved no less than 15 girls in distress on the island of Kauai. Violent rains have hit the island this weekend, causing more than 200 evacuations. Listening only to his courage, Laird personally rescued 15 young ladies, all happy to be around a legend, a true … Respect Laird !

This might be the best picture ever. No, we did not have a fun day on the boat. This is us getting RESCUED! 😂 Hanalei flooded today on the last day of my girls sleepover camp. We had to get evacuated out! What’s a girls party without a little dramaaaaaa right?!! We are home and safe and dry! Thank you to the man @lairdhamiltonsurf you absolute animal! Saving 15 little GIRLS! Are you kidding me? And my dad and @r_ritchie for being in ultimate dad mode this morning. Oh and my uncle @kalaninuhi! And my amazing sister @fern_foot You are a BOSS! I love you! Gosh. So grateful for this epic little experience. My girls were absolutely amazing!!! I love these sweeties! Frikkkkken #ShineWithHer first Event ever blowwwwout. Can’t be topped 🤷🏼‍♀️

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