Skydiving Car

Can we really do a free fall with a car?

In Hollywood movies, we often see cars flying or jumping from an airplane but in real life it’s a little bit rarer.

In the idea of reproducing a cascade of the last Fast and Furious, a group of friends have considered making the free fall but aboard a car!
Pro stuntman Steve Curtis and Konstantin Petrijcuk, a skydiver experienced in this kind of exploits, set out to fly this car with all the dangers it represents. Because this kind of prowess is quite risky indeed. No control over the vehicle falling to 200 km/h and could potentially hurt you in its fall. The challenge is up and everything went pretty well even though these guys let the car crash on the ground. The experiment took place in the desert of Arizona (USA), close to the famous Zone 51. Fortunately because it is an empty place therefore without population (except an alien from time to time …) and no risk that an animal or a native is demolished by a car that falls from the sky. Needless to say also that the car will roll much worse after this fall given its current state. By the way, the slogan on the car, we are less fans …

The making-of


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