At 46, Kelly Slater is still the boss in his Surf Ranch!

Kelly Slater impresses at the Founder’s Cup at Surf Ranch

King Kellly, 11 world titles of surfing, is still an amazing rider at 46 years old! No way for him to rest, he prefers surf and make the show, but mostly compete for the victory. At the first WSL Founder’s Cup of Surfing, held in his Surf Ranch in the presence of all the stars of the pro circuit, Kelly Slater, leader of the USA Team, was very motivated. Decided to show that on its artificial wave, included at the 2018 CT calendar, he was able to surf as well as the youngsters !

Result : Slater, recovered from his foot injury, still impressed everybody for this first competition held at Surf Ranch, as well as Filipe Toledo (author of an incredible 10/10 in the Leemore wavepool) and John John Florence, the two-time world champion (who scored a 9.80 pts on the first day).

And if it is not the US Team that won this Founder’s Cup (won by the World Team, led by Jordy Smith and Michel Bourez,  4th today of the ranking 2018 ), Kelly Slater once again showed he’s the King, what we to believe that he will still be at the top at 50! Congratulations and thank you King Kelly …

Ranking of the Founder’s Cup:

  1. World Team (Jordy Smith, Bianca Buitendag, Michel Bourez, Paige Hareb, Kanoa Igarashi)
  2. Brazil Team
  3. USA Team
  4. Australia Team
  5. Europe Team

Team Monde – Founders Cup Surf Ranch

Picture : Mark Ralston / AFP



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