slackline Nazare

A slackline over the biggest wave in the world in Nazaré!

Praia do Norte in Nazaré is a famous spot in the world because it is by far the highest wave in the world.

And it is on this famous place that a group of slackliners decided to erect a line and go through it!  On December 16th, the “Western Riders” installed a highline between these two cliffs of the Portuguese spot. It is on this famous rock of Guilhim that this crazy guys has undertaken an extreme walk of tightrope walker.
Note that this exceptional attempt was made a few days before the storms Carmen and Eleanor who hit eastern Europe in recent days and fortunately for these slackliners because otherwise they could not even have a line on these Big boulders saw the strong winds that fell in the area.
These images, filmed by a drone, are striking especially when we know that a few meters, is the wave of all records. Nazaré is a gargantuan wave that has been surfed by the French Benjamin Sanchis or the Hawaiian Garrett McNamara with an incredible height of 30 meters!
The 26 – year – old German Joshua Leupolz is showing courage by trying to go through this extreme line, with more or less success.



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