Motoneige : conseils et infos, tout ce qu’il faut savoir

La motoneige, qu’est ce que c’est ?

The equivalent of the jet ski on the water but on another element since as its name indicates it, this racing car is intended to roll on snow.

The snowmobile is a small motorized vehicle that moves on one or two tracks and is equipped with skis for steering. This machine requires neither road nor track and its main asset is a unique feeling of freedom. A snow jet ski which has the distinction of being very handy and easy to control.

The first snowmobiles left the Bombardier factory in 1936, they were then called « snowmobiles » and they could carry up to seven passengers. The real snowmobiles were not sold by the same manufacturer until the end of 1959.

Discover the snowy scenery of ski resorts aboard a motorbike perfectly suited to this terrain. You can then take breaks to take advantage of a unique point of view or run on the slopes with your snowmobile for an original excursion. Day or night, you will slide on the powder with this futuristic machine and admire the landscape without getting tired. A hike for many to share this unforgettable moment.

Comment conduire une motoneige ?

You can either be at the controls of the motorcycle or be the passenger, seated behind a guide or a friend. In general, the average speed is between 20 and 60 km / h, which is enough to have good sensations while enjoying the panorama. A powder scooter which is an alternative to sled dogs when you are in cold countries even if it is much less ecological …
Driving is quite easy because you do not have to shift gears, just a button « start », a throttle to accelerate and brake levers to stop, nothing could be simpler.

Know that you must be at least 18 years old to pilot a snowmobile. Driving license (car) is not compulsory but it is frequently requested. In principle, you must already know how to control a motorcycle or a scooter before venturing onto this snow machine.
Passengers must be at least 12 years old, but this can vary depending on the country and spot so do not hesitate to ask before leaving with your children. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.


OÙ puis-je louer une motoneige ?

And unlike Jet ski, you can rarely rent a snowmobile and go freeriding in the mountains with it. In most cases, an instructor will be present with you during the hike because the mountain can be dangerous if you do not know it. Rock fall, avalanche or crevasse, these kinds of things happen and sometimes we can also get lost and no longer find our way, while at sea, it is much easier to find our way. So trust your local guide who will give you all the advice to make your session perfect.

To practice this activity, it is imperative to fulfill the required physical conditions and not be the subject of any medical contraindication (back problems, fracture, sprain, pregnancy, eye problem affecting driving …).


Quand est ce que je peux faire de la motoneige ?

Also note that snowmobile hikes are frequently practiced in the evening, after the trails are closed, between 5 pm and 10 pm Often with a nice sunset in perspective. The circuits are imperatively accompanied and supervised by qualified professionals. During these rides, the rider must never overtake and must keep a distance of approximately 5 to 10 m from the motorcycle in front.

And many would like to know whether to leave a deposit when renting a snowmobile and the answer is yes because, as with a jet ski, the tenant is responsible for his machine. During a hike, if a material accident occurs and you are responsible for the damage, then the service provider may claim the amount of damage suffered.
In terms of personal equipment, bring warm clothes because you are in the mountains and the temperatures drop quickly in the evening and do not forget the gloves especially.


Les meilleures destinations pour pratiquer la motoneige

Regarding the best destinations to practice this snowmobile, we obviously recommend cold countries like Canada or Greenland but we have a little preference for the spot of  Tromsø in Norway, that of  La Plagne in the French Alps or yet Reykjavik in Iceland where you can contemplate the northern lights during your session!
Note that it is possible to snowmobile in summer, on the snowy slopes of a volcano for example.


Also be aware that it is possible to perform acrobatics with this machine. Freestyle snowmobile is a sport in its own right today like FMX. Here are some videos of delusions and exploits made by snowmobile and here we are really in extreme sport!

The guys from the Stunt Freaks Team are testing the Snowmobile Paragliding!

Daniel Bodin signs a world first with a double backflip in snowmobile.

And a nice session of urban freestyle snowmobile in St Paul (Minnesota) with Levi LaVallee:

Discover the snowmobile with Adrenaline Hunter

Photos:  Mountaineers of Iceland