Topski freeride

À la découverte du ride créatif et déjanté du Real Skifi

With or without snow, Finnish skiers at Real Skifi show ingenuity whatever the conditions.

Originally from Jyväskylä , the Real Skifi crew (Verneri Hannula, Ilkka Hannula and Juho Kilkki) specializes in urban skiing but above all in creative and completely barred skiing! The videos of this crazy team do not lack ideas because everything is an excuse to rave about and explore new routes in freestyle skiing.
The concept is simple: ride everything and anything, especially anything. Nothing stops them on snow, concrete or water. Beautiful original finds, in any case tricks and maneuvers that we had never seen with skis! With a ball, a slackline, a trampoline or even a swing, these teenage street-skiers are revolutionizing their discipline and should give you great ideas for your winter sessions.

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