World record : Nick Jacobsen jump from 277 meters

The Danish Nick Jacobsen is undeniably not like the others kiteboarders on the planet.

Like Travis Pastrana, Ryan Williams or Felix Baumgartner, Nick runs after the “World First”and he knows how to use his imagination for that.

In the past, the 30-year-old kitesurfer had hit a mega jump from Richard Branson‘s house, jumped off a 30-meters high mast, he also jumped from the world’s third tallest building, the Burj al- Arab and holds the world record for the highest jump – jumping to 28.6m in kitesurfing.

But it would be ungrateful to resume Nick Jacobsen to these “simple” world records, as Jacobsen won the 2017 Red Bull King of the Air in front of a crowd of experienced riders.

Long story short, Nick is Nick, and he wanted to prove the old saying “the sky is the limit” wrong.
How? Well, nothing easier, being pulled by the boat from Brunel Racing ….. 277 meters high, and performing a monumental jump from the air!

As a reminder, Alex Thomson had tried the same experience in 2016, towed kite boat Imoca Hugo Boss 85 meters in height. But the boss, so far, was named Jesse Richman, with a jump to 244 meters in 2013.

Nick Jacobsen has done better than 33 meters, with an impeccable landing after a flight of 66 seconds … Hats off to you sir.

Nick Jacobsen


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