World first: here’s Ryan Williams’ new stunning trick!

Scooter Free Willy : the scooter makes a front flip, the rider makes a back flip and somehow the two land together!

The Australian rider Ryan Williams, did it again and this time it was HUGE!
the terrible child of the Nitro Circus show is not on his first world premiere because we could largely say that no other rider on earth has accumulated as many world first in bmx or scooter since these sports exist.
After two years of working on it, it is finally dialed. And what a trick! We knew the backflip, the back rotation with the bike, the scooter, moto or any other gliding device and we also knew that it was possible to perform a salto while releasing everything but Ryan Williams went one step further and he managed the impossible. The scooter makes a turn on itself forward (front flip) while the guy does the same but backward and somehow Ryan is back on his scooter before a smooth landing .
Hundreds of trials and hours of training were necessary before the wonder of the ride eventually landed this trick he called “Scooter Free Willy”.
There’s no way you can find a more handsome, more engaged and cooler trick than this one today. Now, time to adjust it to BMX… Alright R-Willy, back to work …



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