Claudio Caluori et Danny MacAskill

The new video of Danny MacAskill on Swiss trails of Graubünden

Freestyle trial superstar Danny MacAskill explores new ways with this dynamic race with Claudio Caluori …

The Scottish prodigy Danny MacAskill has proven to us that he is capable of everything, even to revolutionize his discipline to create a full-fledged but far from street furniture and trial. In this video titled “Home of Trails”, the two friends fend each other on these difficult roads full of natural obstacles.
Canton Graubünden, in eastern Switzerland, is known for its beautiful alpine landscape and it is in the breathtaking place that Claudio Caluori and our Danny boy faced each other in good spirit.
The downhill MTB champion had a small advantage but Danny MacAskill also knows how to adapt to his environment and does not miss an opportunity to do some tricks. A beautiful race full in actions and thrills and an adventure to follow just below:

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