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To celebrate his 50th birthday, Tony Hawk shows us the 50 tricks he created !

The god of skateboarding Tony Hawk is 50 years old and he decided to celebrate them in a beautiful way! On May 12th, the living legend and even the God…

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SKATEBOARDING 101 – and the answers to those questions you’ve always been too afraid to ask!

An international sport with a rebellious reputation, skateboarding might have cleaned up its act since the heyday of half pipes and Ollie pops – but how much do we really…

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Two skateboarders Rides a Floating Mini Ramp on a Frozen Lake in Finland

Roope Tonteri & Jaakko Ojanen rides on a frozen lake If you follow closely the Mag of Adrenaline Hunter, you perhaps remember our news about the four riders skateboarding on a…

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Photo : Kevin Metallier

The best skateboard tricks of early 2018!

Zoom on the best skateboard tricks of 2018! A compilation of 10 minutes with the best skateboard tricks of the beginning of the year 2018, what to ask for better?…

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Breaking news : Santa Claus is a rider !

A follower of action sports, this dear Santa also knows how to ride with a board, a bike and all that can provide thrills ... We knew that the old…

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Leticia Bufoni Pro skater

Bazingaa ! At only 22, Leticia Bufoni has become the muse of the Brazilian skate. Three-time champion at the X- Games, Leticia won four consecutive titles in skateboarding World Cup. She…

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