Surfer Silvana Lima sponsored by Cryptocurrency

Brazilian Silva Lima, World’s First Female Athlete sponsored by CryptoCurrency

Crypto… what ? Don’t worry, you are not the first to ask you the question… Cryptocurrency, not to be confused with Kryptonite, is a virtual, fictional currency, whose reference is Bitcoin. Concerning Silvana Lima, 33 years old Brazilian has signed a partnership with Kore (formerly known as Kore Coin), Cryptocurrency a little particular and very fun !

Indeed, Kore has adopted surf values and surf culture, until the homepage of his website and, in their worlds : ““Kore realizes these freedoms perfectly align with the Freedom Loving Culture of Surfers. Free…out there on the Ocean Waves. We will be Surfing the Internet freely once more “Hanging Ten Digits”.

Surf Kore

Little flower power, but anyway, Silvana Lima, 7th at 2018 Ranking (and semi finalist at Bells Beach, recently) has found a big sponsor… Silvana Lima, who made the buzz in 2016 denouncing the diktat of beauty in surfing. (link in french)

A nice shot for the Brazilian girl, but also for Kore who signs a shock ambassador, the first female athlete to be sponsored by a brand of cryptocurrency ! You can not stop progress…

Silvana Lima & Kore (Pic by WSL)



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