Tony Hawk

Skateboard star Tony Hawk goes skimboarding!

Skate on the water and without wheels, this is the new challenge that awaits Tony Hawk with the best skimboarder in the world.

We are no longer presenting the legend of skateboarding, which has written some of the most beautiful pages of this sport for three or four decades and well dear Tony Hawk decided today to open up to other horizons. He joins Brad Domke, the undisputed star of the skimboard discipline for a special lesson.
At almost 50 years, the “Hawk” is also a good surfer and a skater of anthology so this session should be a formality but this sport has many surprises.
Skimboarding is usually done on the foam of waves or on the shore with a small flat board to make tricks that are similar to skateboarding. The Floridian Brad Domke has tamed the biggest waves of the world (Teahupoo, Nazaré …) but he remains impressed in front of this skateboarding icon. With an innate gift for balance, Tony Hawk is doing pretty well and all that gives a nice session and an interesting video. Being a pro in a sport does not necessarily mean that you are good at all the others …


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