Kai Lenny and Jamie O’Brien in surf foil on giant waves of Pipeline

The Hawaiian prodigy gives Jamie O’Brien a foil surf lesson on Oahu’s famous North Shore.

Young waterman Kai Lenny was accompanied by the most famous freesurfer on the planet for a discovery session in hydrofoil on the massive waves of Pipeline. The two surf stars are having fun with this surf and the fantastic Kai Lenny is even banging a huge backflip with this foil. The Hawaiian pioneer has largely contributed to the popularity of this new discipline (with Laird Hamilton) and can be seen today in action on this monumental swell.
That day, the Pipeline waves were too big to surf but the local Kai Lenny found the perfect companion for an extraordinary session.
Jamie O’Brien is known for his incredible videos where he tests a little everything and anything on the water and this new challenge should largely satiate his penchant for thrills.


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