Justine Dupont once again takes on the giant wave of Nazaré

The French surfer has just released a new video where she charged the monster of Nazaré.

Known for having surfed all the biggest waves in the world with no exception (from Belharra to Jaws through Teahupoo), Justine Dupont offers us this little clip where she is measures herself again up against the Portuguese wave. The Praia do Norte spot is also known worldwide because it is simply here that we can meet the most terrifying wave and especially the highest in the world!

And once again, it is accompanied by her partner Fred David (on the jet-ski) that the French champion has launched against this wall of solid water. After making surfing history in 2016 by shattering the record for the biggest wave surfed by a woman (on this same spot), Justine finds herself again facing the extreme conditions of winter in Nazaré. And after six long hours of waiting, the patience of the XXL wave specialist has finally paid off because she was able to take on this wave and succeed this beautiful roll.

Note that Justine Dupont and her companion now live near the Portuguese spot so now it is a ‘local’ Nazaré. Though it does not detract from her courage and talent because she dares to challenge this mountain of water and our French surfer is doing very well!


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