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Indoor skydiving – what’s it all about?

Vertical wind tunnels, also known as indoor skydive simulators, are a great way to experience the feeling of weightlessness and can be experienced by absolutely everyone, but if you're not…

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New year’s resolution: become an extrem sports RIDER!

20 reasons why you should start freestyle riding 2018 will start like any other year – with good resolutions that will last... a week or two. So this year, forget…

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A surfers roadtrip from Paris to La Rochelle

Paris, 8 July 2017, 34 Celsius Degrees. Standing in front of the cinema Rex, in Grands Boulevards, trying to find a cold coffee to save myself from the heat, I…

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Wake season for AHunter Team

At Adrenaline Hunter, we like to meet between colleagues from time to time over a session of wakeboarding. Whether a beginner or more experienced, we always  motivate one each other…

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