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To celebrate his 50th birthday, Tony Hawk shows us the 50 tricks he created !

The god of skateboarding Tony Hawk is 50 years old and he decided to celebrate them in a beautiful way! On May 12th, the living legend and even the God…

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SKATEBOARDING 101 – and the answers to those questions you’ve always been too afraid to ask!

An international sport with a rebellious reputation, skateboarding might have cleaned up its act since the heyday of half pipes and Ollie pops – but how much do we really…

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Two skateboarders Rides a Floating Mini Ramp on a Frozen Lake in Finland

Roope Tonteri & Jaakko Ojanen rides on a frozen lake If you follow closely the Mag of Adrenaline Hunter, you perhaps remember our news about the four riders skateboarding on a…

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Photo : Kevin Metallier

The best skateboard tricks of early 2018!

Zoom on the best skateboard tricks of 2018! A compilation of 10 minutes with the best skateboard tricks of the beginning of the year 2018, what to ask for better?…

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Afrique du sud

South Africa : the new eldorado for the riders ?

For a few years the top destination for thrill seekers was South Africa If you are a fan of water sports like surfing, more into urban sports like bmx and…

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skateboard rain

Best things to do when it rains

The weather is pretty bad outside but since your crave for an adrenaline rush is stronger than staying in bed, here are some suggestions on what to do on a…

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Breaking news : Santa Claus is a rider !

A follower of action sports, this dear Santa also knows how to ride with a board, a bike and all that can provide thrills ... We knew that the old…

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The 15 most beautiful backflips in the history of freestyle

It all began with a BMX legend called Matt Hoffman on Sunday, March 18, 1990 to be exact. The one who is nicknamed the "condor" in full show in Bercy…

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Lofti Lamaali, longboard dandy

Bazingaa !! Meet Lotfi Lamaali, THE quintessential dandy on longboard. Pro longboarder since 2008, he uses his talent to become a brand ambassador. Originally from Casablanca (Morocco), Lotfi discovered the joy of…

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