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The best skateboard tricks of early 2018!


Zoom on the best skateboard tricks of 2018! A compilation of 10 minutes with the best skateboard tricks of the beginning of the year 2018, what to ask for better? The riders have still sent big on their skateboard and we serve it on a platter … 10 minutes of action and crazy figures, enough to have fun as a…

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Lofti Lamaali, longboard dandy

Bazingaa !! Meet Lotfi Lamaali, THE quintessential dandy on longboard. Pro longboarder since 2008, he uses his talent to become a brand ambassador. Originally from Casablanca (Morocco), Lotfi discovered the joy of longboarding in Paris at the age 24. Since that day, he never stopped riding his longboard and is now kickflipping in style in front of the Eiffel Tower. Dandy enough…

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