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GoPro releases its best of 2017


The famous action camera publishes a video with the most beautiful images of the year. A year rich in action and striking images. This (too short) video shows all of the thrilling extreme sports that can be done while filming with a GoPro, either by stick, by hand, 360 ° or by drone. In subjective mode, here is a unique point…

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Alpine Running with the trio of Mountains Legacy

Mountains legacy is a collective of athletes and above all three friends of 24 years old: Jordan, Florent and Cédric. These three outdoor sports enthusiasts have made the alpine running their specialty. They also use their second passion for filmmaking  to record their sessions. Alpine running, what is it? A mix between extreme racing and climbing. Their dream ? Running through the…

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Niki Gudex MTB Girl

Bazingaa ! Meet Niki Gudex, one of Australia’s most recognisable and highly regarded female mountain bikers. After reaching the top of the world mountain bike rankings as a professional athlete, Niki Gudex is now throwing herself into the art of photography with the same tenacity. Her MTB career After only two years of professional riding, she won the Australian National Championships…

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