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Top 10 Via Ferratas in France

Halfway between hiking, climbing and touring, this activity was designed to delight any thrill-seeker with a love of breath-taking landscapes. If you know anything about Via Ferratas than it’s obvious…

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10 outdoor activities to try in Mauritius

Check out our selection of activities to try out on the incredible island of Mauritius. Known for its beaches, sea and sun, Mauritius is located in the western Indian Ocean,…

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12 outdoor activities to try on Reunion Island

In this article we explore a selection of activities to try out on Reunion Island, easily one of the most beautiful places on earth to practice outdoor sports. Located in…

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10 things to know before you start trail running

10 things to know before you start trail running Are you a seasoned runner specialised in short or long distances, 5km, 10km, half marathons or marathons, and you're feeling ready…

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Alison Teal Paris

The 12 best extreme sports to try in Paris

Welcome to Paris, the city of light, the city of lovers…you’ve heard all the clichés. However, maybe what you haven’t heard is that France’s capital city also is an exciting…

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Paragliding canary island

Top ten action sports to try in the Canary Islands

A baked archipelago of volcanic islands off the coast of Morocco and nourished by the sandstorms that sweep off the Sahara desert, the Canary Islands are a paradise for the…

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Pro climber Romain Desgranges made a mythical line, “Joyeux Léon” in Switzerland

26 years after Fred Nicole, pro climber Romain Desgranges tried to "Joyeux Léon" ! Mythical line of the block, "Joyeux Léon" was opened in 1992 by Fred Nicole, who signed…

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A surfer girl climbs a wave before riding !

This is not a scoop, in terms of advertisements, advertisers have the resource and imagination ! Proof is still with this ad featuring Lisa Andersen, 49 years old and quadruple…

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Croatie adrenaline hunter

Top Outdoor Activities to do in Croatia

In a few decades, Croatia has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe thanks to the development of tourism, and above all to its magical islands and immense…

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via ferrata

The most beautiful Via Ferrata locations in the world

Halfway between hiking and climbing, Via Ferrata is the perfect combination of exciting heights and accessible action – all set in jaw-dropping locations across the world. The ideal activity for…

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ice climbing

Discovering ice climbing

Did you know you could climb on a frozen waterfall? Popularised in the 70s, ice climbing is a combination of classic climbing and mountaineering - an activity that consists of…

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10 top tips for beginner climbers

Everything you need to know before you start climbing. With over 100,000 qualified climbers in France alone and climbing walls becoming big business, there’s no denying climbing is on the…

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Red Bull Valparaíso 2018

Red Bull Valparaíso 2018, Tomas Slavick wins

The Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo is one of the most important urban downhill events, this year marks its 16th anniversary. Tight turns, long staircases and big jumps in the…

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Brandon Semenuk

Canadian Brandon Semenuk flies into the forest!

"Inertia", the spectacular new project with the boss of MTB Brandon Semenuk Shot just before the Red Bull Rampage, this is Rupert Walker's new work with the Canadian Champion in…

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skateboard rain

Best things to do when it rains

The weather is pretty bad outside but since your crave for an adrenaline rush is stronger than staying in bed, here are some suggestions on what to do on a…

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New year’s resolution: become an extrem sports RIDER!

20 reasons why you should start freestyle riding 2018 will start like any other year – with good resolutions that will last... a week or two. So this year, forget…

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GoPro releases its best of 2017

The famous action camera publishes a video with the most beautiful images of the year. A year rich in action and striking images. This (too short) video shows all of the…

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Alpine Running with the trio of Mountains Legacy

Mountains legacy is a collective of athletes and above all three friends of 24 years old: Jordan, Florent and Cédric. These three outdoor sports enthusiasts have made the alpine running their…

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Niki Gudex MTB Girl

Bazingaa ! Meet Niki Gudex, one of Australia’s most recognisable and highly regarded female mountain bikers. After reaching the top of the world mountain bike rankings as a professional athlete, Niki…

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Climbing session in Kalymnos

Climber and Pro Coach, did you know that Christophe Bichet was one of our ambassadors ? Mental coach of the Fench team, he tells us about his climbing trip in Kalymnos, Greece.…

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