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Indoor skydiving – what’s it all about?

Vertical wind tunnels, also known as indoor skydive simulators, are a great way to experience the feeling of weightlessness and can be experienced by absolutely everyone, but if you're not…

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skydive adrenaline hunter

TOP 12 skydiving locations in the world – and why

If you’re looking for more than just thrill factor when it comes to skydiving, then you’ve come to the right place. The freefall might be the main event, but what…

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Skydiving Car

Can we really do a free fall with a car?

In Hollywood movies, we often see cars flying or jumping from an airplane but in real life it's a little bit rarer. In the idea of reproducing a cascade of…

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skateboard rain

Best things to do when it rains

The weather is pretty bad outside but since your crave for an adrenaline rush is stronger than staying in bed, here are some suggestions on what to do on a…

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Find out everything you need to know about tandem skydiving!

Find out more about your first tandem skydive Do you dream of feeling the wind gushing around you at more than 220km/h? Or maybe you want to live one of…

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The Amalfi coast seen from the clouds

We met one of our great providers : the oldest Italian skydiving school! Along the Amalfi Coast, near Salerno, in the south west of Italy, is an ideal skydiving spot :…

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Roberta Mancino Basejump girl

Bazingaa ! Meet Roberta Mancino, a Base Jumper, wingsuit flyer, skydiver and an Italian model. Just that! At 36, she has already made more than 7,000 jumps and has become a…

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