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12 outdoor activities to try on Reunion Island

In this article we explore a selection of activities to try out on Reunion Island, easily one of the most beautiful places on earth to practice outdoor sports. Located in…

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The best outdoor activities to try in Interlaken, Switzerland

In the heart of Switzerland hides a region which seems to be from another time, nature blossoms in its raw state and creates a tangible paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts.…

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Paragliding vs Hang gliding – which one is really dominating the skies?

Two sports with a lot in common, we break down the reasons to choose one of these free-gliding sports for your next aerial adventure. Seemingly different with a shared approach…

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Annecy has become a paragliding haven, find out more

No, you don't jump when paragliding, you fly. To be able to fly, you must consider a certain number of conditions, such as the takeoff slope (its shape, in which…

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Enjoy your first paragliding flight over Annecy: An activity you absolutely must experience

Try a paragliding flight over Annecy Lake Accompanied by an expert instructor get ready to live out an unforgettable experience! Your instructor will brief you on the activity, the take-off…

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Top 5 activities to do in Iceland

It's official. Iceland is invading our fantasies! Why? Because of the numerous activities you can find there, especially in the air, in the water or in the mountains. All of this surrounded…

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Top 6 activities in September

Looking for great providers offering funky activities? There are plenty of them on our website! The hardest part will be choosing one, all more attractive than the other! Check out…

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