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12 things to know before your first surf lesson

Summer’s on the horizon and if you’re likely to end up on holiday by the sea looking to master a new sport, then there is nothing quite as cool or…

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10 things to know before you start trail running

10 things to know before you start trail running Are you a seasoned runner specialised in short or long distances, 5km, 10km, half marathons or marathons, and you're feeling ready…

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Indoor skydiving – what’s it all about?

Vertical wind tunnels, also known as indoor skydive simulators, are a great way to experience the feeling of weightlessness and can be experienced by absolutely everyone, but if you're not…

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5 tips to know before you bodyboard

Bodyboarding is a fun and beginner-friendly sport for everyone that's sure to offer you hours of sea-based thrills, provided you follow a few basic rules. Whether you're a seasoned sea…

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SKATEBOARDING 101 – and the answers to those questions you’ve always been too afraid to ask!

An international sport with a rebellious reputation, skateboarding might have cleaned up its act since the heyday of half pipes and Ollie pops – but how much do we really…

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10 good reasons to start kiteboarding !

Rider Maureen Castelle gives her 10 best reasons to start kiteboarding ! About two months ago, Adrenaline Hunter Magazine outlined, thanks to the Parisian rider Marine Hunter, the 10 best…

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Paragliding vs Hang gliding – which one is really dominating the skies?

Two sports with a lot in common, we break down the reasons to choose one of these free-gliding sports for your next aerial adventure. Seemingly different with a shared approach…

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ice climbing

Discovering ice climbing

Did you know you could climb on a frozen waterfall? Popularised in the 70s, ice climbing is a combination of classic climbing and mountaineering - an activity that consists of…

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10 reasons to start windsurfing

10 reasons to start windsurfing from pro rider, Marine Hunter! When it comes to popular winter sports, free-riders like Kevin Rolland, Shaun White and Marine Martiod make skiing and snowboarding…

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10 top tips for beginner climbers

Everything you need to know before you start climbing. With over 100,000 qualified climbers in France alone and climbing walls becoming big business, there’s no denying climbing is on the…

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Off-Piste skiing: Technique & how-to guide

Backcountry skiing aka freeriding – whatever you call it, both tribes will agree, it ROCKS. An amazing winter sport when the weather is right, powder chasers live for the thrill…

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New year’s resolution: become an extrem sports RIDER!

20 reasons why you should start freestyle riding 2018 will start like any other year – with good resolutions that will last... a week or two. So this year, forget…

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Find out everything you need to know about tandem skydiving!

Find out more about your first tandem skydive Do you dream of feeling the wind gushing around you at more than 220km/h? Or maybe you want to live one of…

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