A Lamborghini tows a skier in the streets of Boston!

You don’t have time to go on the ski slopes? Here is an original alternative if you have a friend who has a luxury car.

The Lamborghini Huracán Performante is a little gem that costs $ 300,000 and can travel more than 200 mph. We certainly do not imagine it in the snow towing a skier and yet this scene took place in Boston.
This city of Massachusetts has experienced an incredible snow in recent weeks with the cold wave that has hit the eastern US.  And after the unusual session surfing on frozen waves, we could witness another sequence totally crazy. A race car that tows a skier in the street, it does not really go unnoticed!
If the mountains are too far for you, here is a funny idea unless you cause damage to the car because the cost of repair should calm you down for a while!
In any case, we support this idea because it is a good proof that we can take advantage of bad weather and find a positive point whatever the situation.


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